Frequently asked questions

Register and download a demo to view a typical example of the ~4000 parameters you can adjust.


You require an OBD2 J2534 Cable.

Ensure you have installed the drivers that come with your specific cable. PCMTec Editor will automatically detect which cable you have plugged into the PC.

Comparisons with other products

From Enthusiast to Workshop all PCMTec versions have the best boost and Variable Cam controls in the industry. All versions have boost by gear where the PCM supports it with proper control in the FG Mk II and FGX XR6 Sprint. Every version also comes with adjustable T-MAP and Boost sensors as well as fully mapped automatics like the BTR 4 Speed and the 5 Speed ZF (5R55 transmission). PCMTec supports all 6 and 8 cylinder petrol and LPG Falcons (including EcoLPi).

The Enthusiast version comes with an set of tuning parameters superior to other products offered on sale to the Enthusiast market. As an example Enthusiast includes superior set of VCT control than our competitors offer as well as fully mapping T-MAP and Boost sensors across the range (BA -> FG). PCMTec commits to maintaining this lead.

The Professional version comes with an set of tuning parameters superior to a product used by many workshops across the Australia. Professional includes the ability to Edit ZF with the best set of parameters in the industry. We also fully map T-MAP and Boost sensors across the range. PCMTec commits to maintaining this lead.

The Workshop version comes with an set of tuning parameters superior to any other product on the market. Workshop extends the tuning capability to the OEM level (Calibrator level). This applies to both the PCM and the ZF TCM. We also allow editing of parameters the like T-MAP and Boost sensors which is not available to the Calibrators.

Licensing & Packages

Yes You need an internet connection to license a vehicle for any version. Once licensed you do not need an internet connection to edit of flash the vehicle.

A Vehicle license allows you to edit and flash your car an unlimited number of times (for Ford Falcon and derivatives outlined earlier). A License is locked to your PCM's serial number, operating system ID (OSID) and your username. If you change operating system you will be required to relicense the vehicle.

Yes. The tuned file is a PCMTEC proprietary file (.tec format). This may be exchanged with other PCMTEC users, they will be able to edit your tune and sent it back to you and vice versa. Only a person with a license will be able to flash the vehicle. This only applies to purchased version of PCMTEC, the DEMO version does not support this function.

To upgrade from Enthusiast -> Professional or Professional -> Workshop
please contact us via email and we will let you know what options are available.

You will receive an order confirmation email. You can download the software from this link or from the new "Downloads" link that will appear on the home page.