PCMTec Editor Professional

PCMTec Editor Professional. Designed for the enthusiast who wants to tune like an OEM. Please ensure you have registered and are logged in before purchasing.
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$660.00 (AUD)

Includes all Enthusiast features plus:

  •        Total 6 credits included ($300AUD Value)
  •        Up to 2000 tuneable areas (calibration dependent)
  •        Functionality to return to factory calibration
  •        VID block editor (VIN excluded)
  •        ZF tuning
  •        Email support
  •        Automatic unlocking of tunes unless registered by one of our Workshop customers.

Please register to download a free functional demo version. 


  • Windows 10
  • .NET Framework 4.7.1
  • Supported J2534 OBD2 cable
  • Previous tuning experience. We do not provide tuning advice. 

We support the following J2534 OBD2 cables:

We do not support the use of eBay clones.