Leading Performance Tuning Software for Australian Fords

Australian OWNED

We’re proud to be Australian owned and run. Our goal is to provide high quality local support going above and beyond what our overseas competitors provide.

PCMTec is the leading tuning package for the Australian Ford BA/BF/FG Falcon providing PCM/TCM tuning capabilities that rivals what the OEM uses.

.NET Platform

Works on all Windows 7,8,10 PCs including Tablets. System Specs

No proprietary hardware required.

We support the off the shelf J2534 OBD2 cables that you may already own.

Supported Vehicles

Ford Falcon BA/BF/FG, Territory (Petrol)
We include support for all known petrol and LPG
models including supercharged Coyote 5.0 V8,
6 cylinder NA and Turbo and LPG EcoLPi


PCMTEC allows you to tune like an OEM by giving you access to over 4000+ configurable tables and scalars in the areas of:

  • Exhaust/Intake VCT camshaft control
  • Gear boost control
  • Torque control
  • Drivetrain Protection Settings
  • Driver Demand
  • Best boost management available


Very happy with the enthusiast version editor software it's a great program it's easy to use and the support offered is excellent!


No distributors to deal with, talk directly with the developers who are tuners themselves. We offer priority phone support for our Workshop customers who can't wait days turn around over email like our competitors offer.

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New Features


  • Includes 1 vehicle licence
  • Best boost control in the industry
  • Automatic calibration template updates (requires internet connection)
  • Tune Ford BA/BF/FG petrol (including LPG, Turbo models and Territory but excluding EcoBoost)
  • Calibrate BTR 4 speed and 5R55N Automatic transmissions
  • Calibrate T-MAP and Boost sensors)
  • Tune Variable Cam Timing (VCT)
  • Ability to compare tune against other calibrations including stock.
  • Change History
  • Monitor (Scan) vehicle (Coming soon)
Email and community Support via
PCMTec Forum & Facebook
$300 AUD
Includes 1 free Vehicle Licence
Vehicle Licence = 1 Vehicle Unlimited Edit & Flash
All Enthusiast
Features, and:
  • Includes 2 vehicle licences
  • ZF (6HP) 6 speed TCM Tuning. Approximately 480 (BF) to 560 (FG) tuneable areas for the ZF TCM
  • More tuning parameters than most Workshops across Australia have for this vehicle
  • Open and license any existing tune, even if it has been changed or corrupted by other software. Does not include vehicles locked by PCMTEC Workshop version.
  • Up to 2350 tuneable areas for the PCM (calibration dependent)
  • Return to factory calibration (stock)
  • VID block editor (VIN Change, an extra licence is required to edit the calibration with the changed VIN)
  • Commitment to stay ahead of our competitors
Email and community Support via
PCMTec Forum & Facebook
$600 AUD
Includes 2 free Vehicle Licences
Vehicle Licence = 1 Vehicle Unlimited Edit & Flash (Vehicle and ZF TCM).
All Enthusiast & Professional
Features, and:
  • Includes 6 Vehicle licences
  • OEM level tuning capabilities for both the PCM and the ZF TCM
  • Up to 6100 tuneable areas for the PCM (calibration dependent)
  • Approximately 3900 (BF) and 3660 (FG) tuneable areas for the ZF TCM
  • Access a database of all factory calibrations
  • Reset calibration to Stock
  • Flexible licensing functions like Reset to factory or changing calibration, both $50 AUD
  • Tune Locking
  • Custom Operating Systems. Eg boost by gear in BA/BF, VE style Speed Density for vehicles with locked camshafts and many more.
  • Strategy field edit
  • Calibration change. Allows you to flash your FG MK II with the FGX XR6 Sprint calibration for gear based boost control
  • Early access to new functionality (including. PATS reset)
Priority Phone & Email Support
Priority for enhancement requests
$3,000 AUD
Includes 6 free Vehicle Licences
Vehicle Licence = 1 Vehicle Unlimited Edit & Flash (Vehicle and ZF TCM).

Additional vehicle licences are $150 each. Each vehicle licence consists of 3 credits.

A vehicle licence means you can edit and flash the vehicle an unlimited number of times

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